Lenten menu at Kazbek restaurant!

Lenten menu at Kazbek restaurant! - Ресторан грузинской кухни «Казбек»

It is generally known that the basis of Georgian cuisine are meat dishes. Restaurant «Kazbek» refutes this stereotype, and during the days of Lent invites guests to try a variety of Lenten menu.
The restaurant’s chef has produced a special offer that will run from March 7 to April 23: cauliflower in «baje» nut sauce, broccoli cream soup, grilled courgettes with hummus, and something special for kebab lovers — a Lenten version of the traditional dish made with alternative meat, and for dessert — khinkali with juicy cherries.
Many dishes presented on the main menu of the Kazbek restaurant are lean — for example, broceuli salad from tomatoes, a mix of greens and pomegranate grains, Georgian vegetable salad with walnut or with Kakheti oil, phali, lobio, ajapsandal, as well as desserts — dried fruits, gozinaki and pelamushi.

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