Daily lunch at Kazbek restaurant!

Daily lunch at Kazbek restaurant! - Ресторан грузинской кухни «Казбек»

Every weekday for the guests of the Kazbek restaurant, the chef prepares lunch from seasonal farm products carefully selected at the market. Homemade traditional chicken satsivi, creamy chikhirtma and juicy kebab served with mini potatoes.
Handmade according to old recipes, Georgian cheeses are accompanied by crispy vegetables and spicy herbs in a light salad or mixed, going to everyone’s favorite Adjarian khachapuri-boat.
The freshest vegetables grown on farms near Moscow appear in a variety of formats: ajapsandal, broccoli cream soup, and even in desserts – we advise you not to miss our new carrot cake.
And of course, as is common at the market, everything is very generous and at good prices:
2 Dishes – 890 rubles.
3 courses – 1190 rubles.
4 dishes – 1490 rubles.
A glass of Georgian wine – 320 rubles.
The offer is valid every day from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 16:00.

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