Easter at Kazbek restaurant!

Easter at Kazbek restaurant! - Ресторан грузинской кухни «Казбек»

For your festive table, we bake homemade cakes with candied fruits, raisins, protein glaze and multi-colored sprinkles, an elegant cottage cheese Easter is prepared according to the traditional recipe – cottage cheese with candied fruits and raisins is pressed all night in an apiary with a pattern and Easter eggs in Kazbek are painted exactly as traditional Georgian recipe states: they take the endro root, known in Georgia since ancient times, and cook eggs with it. It makes the shell a deep cherry color.
If after the Sunday service you want to put all Easter dishes on the table at once, then in this case the restaurant has prepared a festive basket – eggs, two cakes of different sizes and the Easter.
The price of the Easter basket: 4900 rubles.
The price of a large cake: 950 rubles.
The price of a small cake: 350 rubles.
Price of an Easter: 1850 rubles.
Price of one painted egg: 50 rubles.
Orders are accepted until April 22 inclusive.
You can pick up orders at the Kazbek restaurant (st. 1905 d. 2), from April 22 to 24 inclusive.

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