Maslenitsa at Kazbek restaurant!

Maslenitsa at Kazbek restaurant! - Ресторан грузинской кухни «Казбек»

In the restaurant “Kazbek” Maslenitsa is celebrated on a grand scale – noisy, fun, with all my heart!
The week before the start of Lent in Georgia is called Cheese Week. The restaurant “Kazbek” could not pass by a wonderful tradition and prepared a Maslenitsa menu, which includes not only pancakes, but also a variety of dishes with cheese.
It is probably worth starting a wide feast with gebzhalia – Georgian curd cheese mixed with mint and wrapped in suluguni with tomatoes and bell peppers, and then try fragrant khachapuri baked on a spit.
And of course, the holiday will not do without pancakes. Thin, almost transparent, golden pancakes with a variety of fillings: with juicy meat, with the most delicate milk suluguni and, of course, with our homemade jam, delivered on the first flight from Georgia. The choice of jam is great and will please even the biggest connoisseurs – from watermelon, walnut, honey apricot, white mulberry, dogwood, or sweet cherry with young walnut.

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